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Cookies Policy Of World Promo Codes

cookies are small files which get stored on users computer ( in browser) to identify and manage the users properly.

World Promo Codes cookies & Affiliate Links

World Promo Codes is an affiliate merchants, which means we get paid a small commission every time a user get a money saving coupon or offer from . To achieve this we track your visits from our site to the retailer’s when you find an offer of your interest. We also use cookies to make user experience great and manage user Login information, displaying your recent and relevant offers or coupons and to track our traffic statistics.

How to Disable cookies.

You can delete or disable cookies in your browser setting menu. You can do it in a number of ways depending on which browser you are using. For more information visit Deleting or disabling may make website not working properly up-to the expectations for example remembering your login details, recent and related searches.

Introduction Coupons

World Promo Codes Give you a platform where you can get many coupons of different brands and you will avail this in just 1 click .. Coupons and promos of any brands save your money. and you can save this money for your rainy days or spent on any other shopping.

Who We Are

We are Professional marketers of coupons and online business who want to grow their business rapidly and we provide the facilities of our visitors to save their money by utilizing our coupons and promotions of different brands in World Promo Codes and we are happy to give you as much benefit as we can. We have the website from 2014 and continuously grow in the market like big brands.


Staying in online advertising we are brand to get ahead coupon codes, elite specials and toward each of our customers. The many buyers are concerned while utilizing the fine print including store’s site. In the occasion of pretty much any distinction spot holders and cases think unengaged to contact for the comparing keep.