A Maxi Dress for Each Body Type



You can say that the maxi dresses are an interpretation of the 40s. You might see these dresses come in and go out of fashion a decade after decade. However, these are an impressive piece of clothes which you can wear and get an elegant and attractive look. However, choosing a maxi dress can be a difficult task. To make it easy for you to choose this type of dress, you should know your body type. Here are the maxi dresses for each body type.

Plus Size or a Curvy Body Shape

Most of the women avoid wearing maxis. They think it will look them plump. However, if you pick the right maxi, you will be amazed to see the results. If you have a plus size body, you need to choose solid colors. Never go for horizontal stripes. You should choose vertical stripes, as these will make you look slim. Choose darker shades which will hide the extra curves that you have. 

The Pear-shaped Body

If you are conscious about your hips or bottoms, then you need to choose a maxi which has attractive embellishments. An extra lace on the waistline will hide that feature. You might go with a maxi that has frills, ruffles, or patterns on the top and the bottom.

The Petite Body

Many women tend to avoid the maxi dresses if they have petite bodies because they think it will make them look short. There is a solution to this. You can always choose a maxi which has a high waistline. It will give you a tall silhouette. Wearing high heels will make you taller.   

An Athletic Body

A column style maxi will suit your athletic and slim body. It will also suit if you have a square body. A full body maxi without shoulders and pockets on each side will look better on you.

A Busty Top

Many women who have huge busts face problems choosing a dress. They might like to have big breasts, but when it comes to choosing the dress, it becomes difficult. A maxi can be a great option.

You should get a maxi which has thick straps which will hide the bra. The v-neck maxi will make your breasts a delicate look. As you have a large bust, never pick a maxi which has an open v-neck and showcases your cleavage. It will look vulgar instead of looking good.

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